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The third-party plugins that we are selling are all sold for a specific version because Graebert is not able to guaranty that these plugins will follow future updates of the ARES CAD software. The simple reason for that is that plugin development relies on another company and we have no access to the source code of this program.

In the same way, it is entirely to the developer of the plugin(s) to decide not to provide further updates for the latest version of the host application or to stop completely the development of new versions of the plugin.

For these reasons, the Render Plugin has been discontinued, and we are no longer able to provide further updates/versions of the ARES Render Plugin (for ARES Commander and CorelCAD).

Recommended alternatives to the ARES Render plugin

Without any type of endorsement, for users looking for alternatives, and based only on the premise of using DWG/DXF files as native/supported file formats, we would suggest two products: Lumion Render (aimed at construction industry) or Keyshot (aimed at product design). Both products are capable to import DWG.

Example of renders created with Lumion Render from a DWG created in ARES Commander:

The project inside ARES Commander:

The rendered images after importing the DWG in Lumion Render:

Second example: the DWG project as created in ARES Commander:

Rendered images obtained after with Lumion Render

Examples of rendered images created with Keyshot from a DWG created in ARES Commander

The DWG file as created in ARES Commander with OpenGL rendering

The rendered image generated with Keyshot after importing the DWG

Second example: The DWG file in ARES Mechanical

Note by the way that this is a step file imported in ARES Mechanical and converted to DWG before using ARES Mechanical to create the 2D mechanical drawings

The rendered images obtained in Keyshot after importing the DWG file created by ARES Mechanical

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