Kudo release notes 1.159
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New Functionality

  1. BlockAttributeManager: Use the BlockAttributeManager command to edit the BlockAttribute properties and settings in Block definitions. You can also change the order in which you are prompted for BlockAttribute values when you insert a Block.

  2. NextCloud as storage: Now we support NextCloud as separate storage.

  3. Ability to clone the comments and markup with the file: when the user clones a drawing in Kudo storage, they can copy comments and markups. There are other options are also supported like "Include resolved comments and Markup"

  4. Improvements in Save As Dialog: Ability to "save as" the drawings in different cloud storages.

  5. Recent Files improvements: "Show location" option is improved, earlier, it was used only to open the folder where the file is located, now the file is also highlighted in the folder.

  6. Improvements in Block Library:

    1. Sharing the library will also share all its blocks with the user.

    2. The user can remove their access from any shared library or Block (PUBLIC / ORG / USER)

    3. The "Permissions" option is removed from public libraries and blocks


  1. A blank page appears when doing RMB on a file or folder in the search result of Trimble Connect

  2. Added Propertypainter command in Modify Group

  3. OPTIONS: "Show Model and Sheet tabs" is not functional

  4. Entities disappear when the lineweight button is toggled on after changing the line weight to default settings

  5. Block Palette: Dropping the block inside the palette cause triggering the command

  6. Block Palette: No scrollbar when resizing the panel

  7. REDEFINEBASEPOINT: It is considering the Mleader as a block

  8. Infinite spinner when trying to access old shared files

  9. The "Delete" label remains hanging after closing the delete dialog when the file is opened in the editor

  10. The hamburger menu is located on the right side of the drawing name

  11. "Redefine Block Base Point" is available for non-block entities

  12. Sharing of cloud files fails with email addresses that contain capital characters

  13. There will be no error when uploading the same files in two identical storage tabs

    Drive storage status is not updated correctly

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