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Connection with database
Connection with database

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What if start software and realize that the company logo is not in the sheet frame, sheet format, components and wires are not as configured by you in a previous version or in other computer of your company? Everytime facing some similar situation you may need to configure the connection with database again and it may be done using MDB, LocalDB (default) or SQL Server...

Connecting to the database...

  1. Open ARES Electrical;

  2. Go to Manage Tab > Connection with Database...

  3. The dialog to define the correct settings for database connection is displayed.

    Type: Defines the database type (MDB, LocalDB or SQL);
    Address: The path which contains both folders 'QCCFG' and 'DADOS';
    Server: The server name (In case you are using localDB or SQL);
    Database, User and Password are used when connecting using SQL database.

💡TIP: The default path of database is: c:\programdata\AE\BASE

📖INFO: If you need to share your components, sheets, and designs with other colleagues, you'll need a shareable database. The database that is installed by default with AE (LocalDB) cannot be shared, but you can make it (migrating to SQL).

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