Kudo release notes 1.167
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New Functionality-

  1. Supporting the following features in the Options dialog:

    1. Model Background Color Change: Provide the ability to change the background color of the model.

    2. Display Cursor as Crosshair: Allow users to select a crosshair cursor display option.

    These features will enhance user customization and usability within the software.

  2. The ability to share folders in ARES Kudo drive.

    1. Users can share a folder they own with another user, granting them editor or viewer rights. This includes sharing all subitems within the folder.

    2. If users have editing rights, they can create files and folders within the shared folder.

    3. If a user has owner rights, they can move or delete any folder.

    4. Users can unshare any files or folders for themselves, other collaborators would still have access.

    5. Regardless of rights, users can download or clone any folder.

    6. Users will receive email notifications in the event that they own items within a shared folder and the parent folder is deleted.

  3. Ability to Open the eSNAP contextual menu by Ctrl+Right Click.

  4. Tool Bar enhancement

    1. Added options "Area By Entity" and "Area By Point" in the toolbar in editor mode for calculating area.

    2. Added Pedit command to the modify menu.

    3. Added offset command to the modify menu.


  1. If a user's license has expired, comments do not appear when opening a drawing via a shared link.

  2. In the search results, the permissions button is unavailable for Onshape projects.

  3. The sorting within the dialogue box for symbols is inconsistent, with some symbols appearing at the bottom and others in the middle.

  4. When folders or files are moved to another location, they appear duplicated in both the original and new folders.

  5. When attempting to open a drawing in a new tab using the mouse wheel shortcut in GDrive, it leads to the login page being displayed.

  6. If you click outside the text editor, you are unable to rename the file.

  7. The shortcut for the cloned folder in GDrive does not open as expected.

  8. In GDrive shortcuts, the "Open in ARES Commander" function should not be available for a folder shortcut.

  9. Unable to download a folder for NextCloud and WebDAV

  10. The expected offset line should be reflected while hovering the mouse around

  11. The alphabet hotkey improvements for the Korean language

  12. Deleting old comments and markups is not possible.

  13. In view-only mode, clicking on the title multiple times does not collapse the properties panel.

  14. Tooltip arrangement improvements

  15. The dimension palette does not open when hovering the mouse over the dimension palette icon.

  16. The crash when right-clicking on a dimension style within the "Active drafting style" has been fixed.

  17. The length of the object is not being edited.

  18. In MAKEBLOCK, there is a UI issue where two scroll bars appear on the Block palette.

  19. There is an issue with the EDITCOMPONENT feature where the dialog buttons appear broken when using the German language.

  20. The Polyline (Pline) width option is not functioning correctly from the contextual menu when using the German language.

  21. When attempting to open the reference drawing using OPENREFERENCE(XOPEN), an error occurs preventing the file from opening.

  22. The polyline selection highlight is not maintained when editing it.

  23. Fix crashes when attempting to change the view within the coordinate system.

  24. The Comment feature needs improvement as it currently lacks line breaks for long descriptions.


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