SiteMaster Kitchen v7.1: What's New

What's New, SiteMaster Kitchen v7.1

Written by Felix Graebert
Updated over a week ago

SiteMaster Küche v7.1 takes productivity to a new level.

General performance and handling improvments

  • Export improvments to the interfaces in the respective planning program.

  • Improvment of the Bluetooth connection with the Leica X3.

Improvment in the visualization

  • Objects in the wall-views are now hightlighted in color to increase visibility.

  • The dialogs with intergrated sections are now displayed on the right side of the page.

  • When checking the angle, the diagonal that needs to be measured is now displayed in red.

Simplification in the application

  • All objects can now be inserted and edited in the wall-views.

  • Labels have been compressed and expanded. Manuelly moved labels now remain at the defined position.

  • The symbol library has been expanded.

  • Symmetrical window casements of the same size can now be selected in the window dialog.

  • The wall-view can now be changed in the dialog for symbols, obstacles and tiles.

  • Walls can be moved backwards or forwards in parallel.

  • Various obstacles can now be defined via the type and thus ensure a clear understanding.

Extension of the user-specifiv settings

  • After entering the customer data, SiteMaster Kitchen can create a measurement-folder (top folder) in which all files are exported.

  • The native windows camera app can now be used, which has more functions than the internal SiteMaster Kitchen camera app.

  • Photo pages can now be added or removed as required.

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