Kudo release notes 1.177
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New Functionality-

  1. Support of DWF files:

    1. DWF is one of the most widely used formats in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, as well as in manufacturing and product design. Release, 1.177 onwards ARES Kudo allows users to view, edit, and sharing of DWF files

  2. Support manipulation of existing Custom/Dynamic blocks

    1. Custom Blocks Grips: Block those are imported from ARES Commander

    2. Dynamic Blocks Grips: Block those are imported from AutoCAD

    3. Visibility and use/manipulation of the below Grips

      1. Standard Grips

      2. Linear Grips

      3. Rotation Grips

      4. Mirror (Flip) Grips

      5. Alignment Grips

    4. Properties of Grips


  1. While reconstructing the drawing, the visual representation of the line style for the first arc created disappears.

  2. The color of the layer does not appear on the dimension when it is placed

  3. The text in the dimension preview does not align with the active User Coordinate System (UCS).

  4. After changing the plane, it becomes impossible to select entities using the window selection method.

  5. The Properties palette fails to reflect the updated line color when it is changed.

  6. DIMSCALE does not function to adjust the scale of a leader.

  7. The selection of blocks appears to be malfunctioning or non-functional.

  8. When using the "Select All" button for sheet selection in EXPORTPDF, the chosen sheets are not visible, and upon clicking "OK," an error is encountered.

  9. Layer - The changing layer properties are not applied to all layers in the layer manager

  10. The 3D display issues are observed when hovering the mouse over a 3D solid object.

  11. The radius value in the Properties palette fails to update immediately after modifying an arc using the mid grip.

  12. A dimension created by the BASELINEDIMENSION command does not inherit the dimension style.

  13. A dimension generated by the CONTINUEDIMENSION command does not inherit the dimension style.

  14. Changes to the point style do not take effect immediately.

  15. The command alias OVERKILL, associated with DISCARDDUPLICATES, is not functioning as expected.

  16. The WELD command fails to execute and results in an error.

  17. The right edge of "軸を中心に要素の方向を指定" (Orient elements about axis) is cut off on Japanese version.

  18. When using the WELD command, it only joins a single line path instead of multiple line entities.

  19. Pattern: The red highlighting persists in the box indicating an error, even when the value is correct.

  20. The "DIMLAYER" command fails to override the properties of the "Current" layer.

  21. In the "Options" menu, the functionality of the angle value box and the associated increase and decrease buttons ("+" and "-") is not operational.

  22. The display of line weights in Kudo differs from that in Ares Commander.

  23. Using "Rebuild boundary" as polyline in the Hatch command creates fragmented single polylines.

  24. Stretching a spline is not possible.

  25. The polyline becomes invisible when the width is applied to it.

  26. The 3D display becomes distorted or broken when Roleview

  27. The first loading attempt of nested Xrefs from external storage fails to execute.

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