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Introducing ARES AI Assist (A3): Your Personal CAD Assistant
Introducing ARES AI Assist (A3): Your Personal CAD Assistant

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In the ever-evolving world of CAD software, Graebert introduces an exciting new feature in ARES Commander called ARES AI Assist (A3). Powered by OpenAI technology, A3 is an artificial intelligence trained to assist ARES users in multiple languages. You can also watch a video about A3 on our Youtube Channel. Let’s explore the capabilities of A3 and how it can enhance your CAD experience.

ARES AI Assist (A3) is like having a friendly guide inside ARES Commander. A3 is an artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI technology, specifically trained to help ARES users in various ways.

ARES AI Assist (A3) Prompt Window

Key Features of A3:

  • Step-by-step Instructions: A3 can explain how to use various features of the software, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize ARES Commander effectively.

  • Feature Localization: A3 can help users locate specific features within the user interface, saving time and effort in searching for tools and functions.

  • Answering Questions and Explaining Concepts: A3 is capable of answering general and industry-specific questions, providing users with valuable insights and explanations.

  • Customizing the User Interface: A3 can assist users in customizing the ARES Commander interface to suit their preferences and workflow.

  • Industry-Specific Advice: A3 can provide industry-specific advice, catering to the unique needs and requirements of different professional fields.

  • Conversions and Calculations: A3 is equipped to perform conversions and calculations, streamlining tasks and improving productivity.

  • Text Translation: A3 can translate text into different languages, facilitating communication and collaboration across language barriers.


The A3 palette is loaded by default in ARES Commander and can be activated or deactivated like any other palette provided in the software. When users need help with CAD-related tasks, they can simply use their local language to interact with A3, which understands many languages.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CAD user, A3 can be a valuable asset in your workflow. For new users, A3 can provide guidance in locating and understanding features, including Trinity collaboration features and BIM features unique to ARES Commander. Experienced users can benefit from A3’s ability to perform calculations, answer technical questions, and translate text, among other helpful functions. A3 makes learning and using the software much easier and more enjoyable.


While A3 offers significant advantages, it’s important to note that this feature relies on third-party technology and cloud-based infrastructure, which have associated costs for Graebert. However, Graebert recognizes the usefulness of A3 in introducing users to ARES and its innovations. As a result, Graebert has made this feature available to non-subscribers and trial users with certain fair use limitations. These limitations include the number of conversation threads allowed per day, which vary depending on the user’s subscription type.

  • Users with a valid Trinity subscription, including those with a Trinity Annual Plan, 3 YearsPlan, Flex Cloud, or Perpetual license with an active Trinity subscription, may have up to 10 conversation threads per day.

  • Users with a Perpetual license without a Trinity subscription may have up to 2
    conversation threads per day.

  • Trial users may have up to 5 conversation threads per day until their trial period expires.

In a nutshell, a conversation thread can include multiple consecutive questions. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these limitations can be modified by Graebert at their discretion.



ARES AI Assist (A3) is a groundbreaking feature in ARES Commander that brings the power of artificial intelligence to CAD software. With A3 as your personal CAD assistant, you can benefit from step-by-step instructions, feature localization, answering questions, customization, industry-specific advice, conversions, calculations, and text translation. A3 enhances the user experience and makes working with ARES Commander more efficient and enjoyable. Try out A3 and discover how it can revolutionize your CAD workflow.


To experience the benefits of A3, you can download ARES Commander 2025 and try out ARES AI Assist (A3) for yourself. Stay tuned for the release of A3 in 2025 SP0 and discover how it can transform your CAD workflow.

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