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ARES Kudo Release Notes - v1.181
Written by Gautham Gamkaranahalli Narasimhamurthy
Updated over a week ago

Release Highlights

  • Snap to Grid functionality has been enabled

  • Permission Dialog improvements

  • ARES Touch Installation banner has been introduced

  • Improvements in rendering of 3D entities

  • 3D samples in the ARES Kudo are enabled again

  • Zoom fit, View-only mode, Layer state combo-box and other Ribbon improvements

Bug Fixes

  • The attached DGNs are not loaded after reopening the master drawing

  • EDITANNOTATION: Dimension text is not displayed correctly in the editor when editing it

  • Improvements in ICONS inside properties palette

  • Generic crashes have been fixed

  • Stabilization of Dynamic Grip, XRef and Layer

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