Step 8: Windowsill as an Obstacle in CARAT

Windowsill as an Obstacle in CARAT

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How to insert an obstacle as a window sill in CARAT.

​Note: With insert construction article you can transfer all further obstacles from the measurements into the CARAT-planning.

Alternatively, you can insert a window sill as a construction item in CARAT. All the dimensions of the component are automatically taken from the measurement file and you just move the window sill to the correct position.

Step 1: Switch to the construction item under Workspace.

Step 2: In the New Article: dialog box, select the Construction Article icon in a catalog of your choice.

Step 3: Select the item Cuboid. (here only as an example)

Step 4: In the New Article: dialog box, click Apply.

Step 5: Right-click to select the planning position in the floor plan to insert the article.

Step 6: Activate the item and drag it with the mouse onto the contour of the window sill.

Step 7: Confirm the acceptance of the allowance values by clicking on Accept.

The item cuboid is inserted exactly at the position of the window sill and can be displayed with appropriate optical properties.

In CARAT, you can fix the construction items inserted in this way in the floor plan so that these objects are not moved during post-processing in the carcass level.

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