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Import Kitchen Measurements into WINNER
Step 1: Import EGI File into an Existing Planning in WINNER
Step 1: Import EGI File into an Existing Planning in WINNER

Import EGI File into an Existing Planning in WINNER

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In the following, we would like to guide you step by step in setting up your Winner Design planning program so that you can easily integrate the 3D laser measurement service into your end customer's project.

Step 1: As usual, open the alternative into which you want to import the new room information from the laser measurement. Here is a room with all walls at a 90 ° angle, before importing the measurement file.

Step 2: Save the planning alternative under a different name, e.g. name + import measurement.

Make sure you have this alternative open.

Step 3: Call up the function for importing measurement files by clicking in the menu on "Additional modules => Import measurement file => Measurement import".

Step 4: Select the EGI file exported from SiteMaster Kitchen.

Step 5:  Click Open.

Step 6: After the import, the original room is replaced by the newly imported room situation.

Now switch to the furniture and use "CTRL + A" to mark all objects and adapt them to the new room situation (see Tip 1).

Left: Variable corner, all cabinets are right: 90 ° corner, extra deep on the wall. Worktop on the left.

​ Tip 1: This means that the cabinets perfectly adapted to the respective wall, grab them to one of the rear corners and drag it with the mouse on the outer wall also. Winner Design adjusts the angle for you!
​ Tip 2: Drag the furniture to a wall and use the planning arrow and the "Move objects" function to position the furniture optimally in the new room situation!
Note: The import also adjusts the installations according to the actual situation at the end customer's site. Please check whether the current planning can be implemented in connection with the new circumstances or whether you may have to make further adjustments!

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