Create Measurement Report Yourself

SiteMaster Kitchen v6, Create Measurement Report Yourself

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How you can create the measurement report by yourself.

ATTENTION: Before you make changes to the measurement file, please save the original file.

The measurement report is a drawing (Report.dwg) that you can adapt to your requirements.

Step 1: Click on File.

Step 2: Click Open.

Step 3: Select the Report.dwg file.

You can find the measurement report at: C:\User\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\SiteMasterKitchen\16.3.xxxx\Support\Planlayout\english

Info: If you cannot see the AppData folder, please activate the item "Hidden elements" in the file explorer under the View tab.

Step 4: Customize the report as required, for example by double-clicking on Text.

Step 5: Save the file as Report.dwg.

We recommend copying / saving the new Report.dwg file in another folder to be on the safe side, in case you need the file again.

Step 6: Quit the program and restart SiteMaster Kitchen.

Info: If you reinstall or manually delete this folder, the delivery status will be restored.You then have to copy the individual report back into this path.

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