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Changes in SiteMaster Kitchen v6

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Now you can work with the new SiteMaster Kitchen 2018. Among other things, the following changes have been made:

Improvement of the Bluetooth connection with the Leica D2

  • Improvement of the Bluetooth connection with the Leica D2

  • Measured values with the D2 can now be confirmed and transferred with the Bluetooth button.

  • Company data are now saved and the current date is used.

  • Angles that were checked are now more visible with a larger triangle.

  • You can now create new files directly in the correct millimeter format.

  • A save button has been added to the general toolbar.

  • A new text editor was introduced to make it easier to insert recurring texts.

  • New option to make wall stamps more compact.

  • New option to display the measurement report directly when opening it.

  • New option to hide stamps in adjacent walls.

  • New option to add blank photo pages to the planning.

  • Improved application for creating and inserting photos.

  • Stamps from obstacles, heaters and tiles have been made smaller.

  • The deletion of symbols has been improved.

  • The standard value for the distance from the radiator to the wall has been set to β€œ0”.

  • Comments can now be inserted and checked in obstacles and the room height

  • Tile display has been adjusted.

  • General performance and handling improvements

  • General bug fixes

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