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Here you will find explanations of terms for the window.

W: Opening width

H: Opening height

SH: Sill height - Windowsill lower edge till top edge of the floor

RD: Reveal depth - Front edge of the wall till windowframe

WBE: Window bottom edge - Casement bottom edge till the top of the floor

PE: Profile extension - Casement bottom edge till top edge of the windowsill


FBE: Frame bottom edge - till top of the floor

WAD: Window aperture depth - Openned casement front edge till the wall

IW: Clear inner width - Inner width of a openned window

WS: Wall sill - Wall height under the sill


CW: Casement width

CH: Casement height

HDL: Hinge distance left - Distance between wall and hinge on the left side

HDR: Hinge distance right - Distance between wall and hinge on the right side


ST: Thickness

SL: Sill left - Protrusion left

SR: Sill right - Protrusion right

SF: Sill front - Protrusion front

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