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Step 8: Check Window

SiteMaster Kitchen v6, Check Window

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How to check a window.

Step 1: Choose Check Window.

Step 2: Select the window to be checked in the floor plan.

Step 3: Measure

Distance to the corner of the wall to be measured from.

Opening width,

Opening height,

Sill height

Reveal depth and 

specify the opening direction of a window to be opened.

Optionally, you can now measure further details in the tabs General, Details, Casements, Sill.

Step 4: Choose the Details tab.

Step 5:  Activate Measure details.

Step 6: Optionally measure the individual values for

Window bottom edge,

Profile extension, is calculated automatically by Window bottom edge MINUS Clear inner width.

Frame - Bottom edge,

Window aperture depth,

Clear inner width and

Wall sill.

Step 7: Click OK to finish entering or select the Casements tab or Sill tab.

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