ARES Commander has 4 possibilities to load an application file:

In the order of loading:

1. Start.lsp (must be located in the /support-folder). The autoloaded start.lsp file was before ARES Commander 2015 SP2 named startup.lsp. 

Now it loads and defines some ARES utilities. The former startup.lsp is loaded via a load-call from inside of the start.lsp, if it is found also in one of the support-search folders.
2. Addins added to the beginning of the Profile.xml
3. Startup.rx --> Loads tx/DRX files (must be located into the support folder)
4. mnl-Lisp files with the same name and location as a loaded menu XML-file. (E.g. Application.xml and Application.mnl in the UI\english-folder). If you have you own partial menu file, then is this the recommended solution.

Note: The startup.rx is already used in some cases by other applications. You should add your autoload file name line to the end of the existing files (e.g. Start.lsp) - Keep in mind that the next ARES update might overwrite your changes.

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