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Error Code 5040 During the Activation Process

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The error message 5040 or -40 - Clock setback detected - means:
That our used REPRISE License Manager library has detected that the clock on your computer has been set back. This error 5040 will only happen on expiring and trial licenses, if the computer date is set to the past during the activation process. No license key is submitted to the computer, if this error occurs.


You should correct the time settings of his computer and then reactivate again. Another reason for this problem could be that programs with a newer date than the current are installed in the Windows system folder.

Under Mac/Linux:

First you sets the computer clock back to the current time, then you can look into the folders /etc, /var/adm, and /var/log for future-dated files:
You can find the offending file(s) in a command window with the commands
dir /od /ta (displays and sorts on last access time)
dir /od /tw (displays and sorts on last write time)
On Unix(Mac)/Linux systems, license manager is looking in /etc, /var/adm, and /var/log
'ls -ult' shows and sorts by access time; 'ls -clt' shows and sorts by modify time.


After the reset to the current time a restart of the computer can be required.

Not in any case the problem can be corrected. A full time-unrestricted license will always works on this computer.

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