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How to create an Graebert Trial and Licensing Account?
How to create an Graebert Trial and Licensing Account?

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You can create an Graebert trial and licensing account via our customer portal. Please click the link below:
When you have created your account you have to confirm a verification email first. Then you can start our application directly and login with your new credentials into the start page and use the product.

Notes:With the account creation and the first login into e.g. ARES Commander or ARES Kudo, you get an ARES Trinity trial license for 30 days.

If you login into ARES Touch directly after you have created a Graebert account over the customer portal then the 30 days-trial doesn't start and you requested to subscribe to iTunes or Google Play. The obtained subscription is free for 30 days for the 1st time, but needs to be canceled before renewal date. Otherwise you are getting charged for the next month.

You can use the Trinity trial, even in ARES Touch, when you login into ARES Commander or ARES Kudo first.

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