Now ARES Commander supports svg-files for the dark icon display. The change to a vector icon format has been done to support better higher display resolutions, like e.g. Retinaâ„¢ under Mac. For ARES Commander 2018 we have a mix of svg- and png-icon-files. These svg-entries are added to the -area of every menu entry. You can see it in the ARES Commander 2018 application.xml.

Below the ARES Commander 2018 menu definition of the LINE command. Here we use a svg-file only for the dark and the two light icon entries iconName and smallIconName for the light UI have still png-icons.

Below the ARES Commander 2019 menu definition of the LINE command. Here we will use only svg-files via darkIconName and lightIconName entries.

The previous iconName and smallIconName name entries with empty settings can be also deleted.

"Retina" as trademarked by Apple Inc.

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