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Is ARES Touch Free? How to Buy?

ARES Touch, Buy, Purchase, Trial, Subscription

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When you install ARES Touch you can activate a free 30 days trial. When the trial expires you can continue using ARES Touch for free with limited features. To keep using the premium features of ARES Touch after the trial expires you will need a valid subscription. The subscription of ARES Touch is included in the price of ARES Commander. You get one year of ARES Touch when you buy any license or upgrade of ARES Commander and can renew for successive periods.

I have a license of ARES Commander, how to activate ARES Touch?
When you activated ARES Commander on your computer you created a Graebert account. You can use the same Graebert account to log in and activate ARES Touch.

Please note however that ARES Touch’s subscription is linked to the subscription of ARES Commander. If you purchased an Annual Plan the subscription is valid until your license expires. If you purchased a Perpetual license the subscription has to be renewed after one year. If your subscription has expired the activation of ARES Touch will not be authorized but you can still activate a free 30 days trial.

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