ARES Map Release Notes (

ARES Map- Update Notes

Build No. - Release 10/07/2018

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Feature locator API and dockwidget: locate features with WHERE clauses

  2. The location tracker tracks now any kind of geometry, not only points

  3. Locator widget can now manage different locator services

New functionality:

  1. Performance

  2. Documentation

  3. SHP and GIS attributes will be shown in and hidden from the property palette automatically

  4. UI and dialogs

  5. C++ and C# API

  6. Various other bug fixes

Build No. - Release 12/02/2018

Fixes and Improvements:

  1. Locator widget is now dockable

  2. C++ and C# API

  3. The ArcGIS Online palette supports Groups

  4. Performance of coordinates projection by keeping used and common coordinate systems

  5. Added two zoom buttons to map service items in the layer manager

  6. Clicking [OK] in the Add new base map dialog connects to the service now

  7. Various other bugfixes

New functionality:

  1. Head-up display with compass rose, distance marker and a coordinates tracker

  2. Feature selector to handle and batch-export data-extensive services

  3. Feature highlighter to show features according to a set of rules applied on attributes

  4. Importing georeferenced shape files and their attributes

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