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In case of communication problems SiteMaster Total Station versions 4.1 and 5 have a special debug mode for the communication. You can set the DEBUG mode in the ini-file and send us the resulting receive.txt and send.txt-files with the communication. Then we can have a look, where the communication has problems.

First please change the settings of the DEBUG entry to 1 in the [MDEV]-section in the SiteMaster???.INI (INI-name depends on the installed version).

Under Windows XP it can be found under:

c:\Documents and Settings\[Current User Name]\Application Data\SiteMaster???\SiteMaster???.INI

or under Windows 7 and 8 under:

C:\Users\[Current User Name]\AppData\Roaming\SiteMaster???\\SiteMaster???.INI

The INI-name can be retrieved via typing the lisp expression (getininame) at the SiteMaster command line and pressing the RETURN or ENTER-key.

INI-Settings for Debugging


Then start SiteMaster and connect it to the total station. Now select out of the SiteMaster Icon Menu and the drop down list the total station menu. Here you choose the stations option and add a new station (select the new station button and enter a number and press OK). Then you select the "New Orientation" and click one of the 2 buttons behind the Ref.H: for measuring via the total station.
Now close the dialog and send us the resulting communication files. The output files receive.txt and send.txt are located in the temporary directory e.g.:

Under Windows XP the resulting files can be found under:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User Name]\Local Settings\Temp\

or under Windows 7 and 8 under:

c:\Users\[Current User Name]\AppData\Local\Temp\receive.txt

The communication tracking or debug mode works also with Standard SiteMaster and Laser devices. Here you can execute the wall command and measure a wall length via the laser to get the resulting receive.txt and send.txt-files.

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