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SiteMaster Elevation Looses the Activation on Windows 7 and Reverts to Demo Mode again
SiteMaster Elevation Looses the Activation on Windows 7 and Reverts to Demo Mode again
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SiteMaster Elevation is made for Windows XP. Under Windows 7 you have to do some additional activation steps to add the activation code to the correct position into the Windows registry.

The activation code is stored in the virtual storage sector of the registry, which has been introduced in Windows 7 for compatibility issues. There it can be found only by the same user (with administrator permissions) who has created it - i.e who has activated the product.

The solution is a reg-file, which has to be adapted by the user and then to be imported into the registry.

Please apply the following steps with administrator permissions:

1. Store the correct attached reg-file anywhere (locally, not on a network drive). The correct reg-file must fit to your windows version - if you have a Win7x64, then use the 64bit reg-file otherwise the 32bit version.

2. Open the downloaded file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad)

3. Replace the word:


in the last line by your activation code, which you has got via email.

4. Save the edited reg-file

5. Add this reg-file to the registry (Simply double click on the edited reg-file).

After applying these steps correctly, the activation key is stored permanently in the correct sector of your registry. Now each normal user should be able to run the product without a re-activation.

Additional Note:

We had also cases, where the process above doesn't work. In this cases it helps only to install Microsoft Virtual PC and run SiteMaster Elevation under Windows XP Mode.

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