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Get Started: Customizing Alias commands
Get Started: Customizing Alias commands

Use well-known aliases from other CAD programs also in ARES Commander

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For several important commands, there are Aliases available in ARES Commander, for example: Line l, Block b, Circle c.
You can customize the Alias commands.

To do that, open the Options dialog box.

Command access: Options or on the ribbon 'Manage' > Options

You can find the alias under User Preferences.

  • Click New. A new line appears in the list above.

  • Double-click the first field and type the command name here.

  • Enter the required shortcut in the second field.
    The screenshot below as an example shows the new abbreviation "D" for the command "GetDistance" (1). In our example, the "D" alias was already defined for the "Dimensionstyle" command (2). The dupplicate alias must be removed. Either choose another shortcut or delete the existing one.
    In our example, we want to delete the existing one and keep the new command assignment:

To quickly find the alias, click the column header to order the list alphabetically. If you now scroll down, you will find "D" twice. Upper or lower case is not relevant here. Now delete the line you do not need.

Tip: See the Help for a complete list of commands.

  • Click Apply and OK. Now you can test the result.

Tip: You can save your alias list by exporting it. An *.xml file is created, which you can import on other computers. This ensures that you can use the same keyboard shortcuts on different computers.

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