Kudo Release 1.105


  1. Mouse movement feels laggy in Chrome on Mac OS
  2. Mouse movement is very laggy in Safari browser in MacOS
  3. No warning message is displayed while cancelling during editing of comment
  4. Centerline command is not working for Kudo blob
  5. Comment thread is deleted even when user do "No" to delete while creating new comment thread
  6. Additional copy of entity get created while pasting after clipboard copy
  7. Grips are not available in polyline for certain types of linestyle
  8. Broken esnap contextual menu in view only mode
  9. Layer list is not sorted in layer palette
  10. Browse dialog inside drawing shows files of active storage and not of storage of which drawing is opened 
  11. 'Launch Ares Kudo' button does not work when login to a View Only link with a newly created account 
  12. Mouse movement is laggy in Firefox
  13. Unavailable printer should be ignored and continue printing in case of PDF printing 
  14. Icons for View Only link is lost after Reload
  15. Rename/Delete is shown for files of folder shared with Viewer rights : Box/Trimble/Dropbox
  16. 'Print to PDF' dialog should have string translated in Japanese language
  17. Layer preview toggle button is broken for Retina display
  18. Complete polygon is highlighted when hover over any side while creating Centerline 
  19. Centerline command is not translated to Japanese language
  20. Copy to Clipboard and Paste commands are not translated to Japanese language
  21. Files of Trimble Connect storage is not displayed on Search page
  22. Drawing thumbnails are removed if the file is saved in Kudo
  23. Folder get missing from parent account after unsharing it
  24. Restore option not available in Trash folder when accessed from inside folder
  25. Box selection do not terminates when Pan/Rollview command are activated
  26. Commenting notification not working for View Only link: OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
  27. Change notification not generated for certain drawings for View Only link : Dropbox
  28. Permission dialog of active storage is shown when file of another storage is opened
  29. Permission dialog of active storage is shown when file of another storage is opened
  30. Unable to create new Onshape document with duplicate name

New Functionality

  1.  Provide Auto-completion on Command line
  2. Improve the Command window - Command window is movable now
  3. Add a column for "Freeze/Thaw" in layer palette - View only mode
  4. Options to set Expiry date for View-only links
  5. ‘Convertpolyline’ command added
  6. All the panels should be re sizable
  7. Escape key should clear search text while searching a comment

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