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ARES Commander Trial

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A 30 days Trial is available to all Users:
Go to,
download and install the software.
For the ARES Commander Installation and Activation Guide, please see this article.

The ARES© Commander 30-days trial also includes trials for ARES© Touch and ARES© KUDO.

Start a Trial

  • Download the ARES Commander installer

  • Install the software.

  • Once the software is installed, you are granted 1 day to test the software: In order to extend the Trial period, you will need to create a Graebert Customer Account, register the product, and your Trial will be extended to 30 days.

To create your Graebert Account

When you launch ARES Commander, you can create/login to your Graebert Account: once created, you can use it to manage your license(s) and or associated devices.
You can create your Graebert Account in the Graebert Customer Portal,  or when you launch ARES Commander:  

  • Select/Click the option "Start Free Trial

  • Select the option "Sign up for free Graebert account".

  • Fill up the form, and continue.

When you launch ARES Commander, login to your Graebert Account. 

Note: If the Start Page is not visible, you can always access it via the option on the top right of the ARES©Commander window:

Note: Your Login/Graebert Account credentials will also be valid for ARES Kudo and ARES Touch.
Note: After 30 days, the trial version reverts to a demo version which does not allow saving and printing.

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