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Switch the Operating System from your License
Switch the Operating System from your License

Switching between Operating Systems

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For ARES Commander (2017 and newer):
ARES Commander can be used with the operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. You can always switch between these operating systems.ย 

In case of already bound devices for a different operating system:
You can be always unbound a device via the Customer Portal and used with a different device again. By default it should be unbound automatically, if you logout of ARES Commander.

Click the device name to be directed to the Devices page to UNBIND this specific device.

Note: The only exception is, when you processed an offline activation for a device. In this case the license is bound fix to specific computer and can't be switched anymore.

For ARES Touch:
You can use the application under iOS and also under Android with the same license.

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