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21. iOS/Android Measure the Angle Valve as an Overall Symbol
21. iOS/Android Measure the Angle Valve as an Overall Symbol

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Measure the Angel Valve as an Overall Symbol

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How to measure angle valves, for cold, hot water and drain as one symbol.

Step 1: Select a wall view from Sheets, e.g. 1.

Step 2: Select Symbols

Step 3: Click Water connection.

Step 4: Click on the wall side from which you measure the installation.

Step 5: Measure the values in order with the laser and transfer the respective measured value after each measurement with the Bluetooth key from the laser to the corresponding input field. After every transfer, the next field is active.

  • Distance d1 to the outer edge valve to the wall corner,

  • Distance d2 BE drain to the floor,

  • Width, Total width outside edge hot water to outside edge cold water.

  • Height, Total height BE drain to top of cold/hot water.

  • Depth of the angle valve.

Step 6: Add the measured symbol with the blue tick in the upper right corner to your wall view.

Step 7: Exit the Water Connection command for this wall view with the white cross in the upper right corner.

Note: While exporting to egi, g05 and gra, the block symbol is split into individual installation symbols waste water, cold water and hot water.

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