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A 30 days Trial of the ARES Trinity (ARES© Commander, ARES© Kudo, ARES© Touch) is available to all Users.

For information on the ARES Trinity and or ARES Commander Trial, please see this article.

ARES Kudo Trial
If you are only interested in ARES Kudo, the only requirement to enjoy the trial is the creation of a Graebert Account.

To create your Graebert Account

You can create your Graebert Account in the Graebert Customer Portal,  or in the  ARES KUDO Login page (follow the link in our website): 

In the ARES Kudo Login page, follow one of the links available to create your account:

Fill the form with your data, check the box for the Terms and Conditions of use, and click the button "Create Account".

The email address and password provided will be your Login credentials to use ARES Kudo.

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