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Using Licenses in Multiple Computers
Using Licenses in Multiple Computers

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Using Licenses in Multiple Computers

You can use an Annual Plan or Perpetual License on a second computer any time (Note: If you activated your license for offline use, you can use it only on one computer).

You can also unbind a license

• to move it from a computer on which you do not want to use the application anymore to another computer

• to work temporarily on a third computer (for example on a home computer besides an office computer and a business laptop).

In such cases, you may even use computers under different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

To use a license on a second computer:

1. Download ARES Commander and install it on the computer.

2. Start the ARES Commander trial version.

If previously you disabled showing the Licensing dialog box when using the trial version: Click Account in the title bar (or select Start Page from the drop-down list).

3. In the Licensing dialog box, click Login with my Graebert Account.

4. In E-Mail, type the e-mail address you use for your Graebert Account and click Next.

5. In Password, type your password and click Login.

Note: Use the same credentials as those when you created your Graebert Account.

6. (Optional) To check your account data with the new device, do the following:

7. In the Licensing dialog box, click Manage my Account.

The Customer Portal opens.

8. On the Dashboard, click Devices.

Note that another device (the current computer) has been added to your account. Click the new device name or the arrow next to it, to expand the information area for the device. In this area, you can unbind the license to move it to another computer (see below).

9. On the title bar, click Products, then ARES Commander to expand the information area of this product.

Note that the second device (the current computer) has been added under Devices and the count info is set to 2/2.

10. Click Logout to exit the Customer Portal.

11. In ARES Commander, exit the Licensing dialog box.

The installed software is now licensed and can be used as fully functional application.

To unbind a license and move it to another computer:

1. Log in to your Graebert Account (see Logging into the Graebert Account)

2. On the Dashboard of the Customer Portal, click Devices.

3. Click the name of the device on which you do not want to use the license anymore.

The device information expands.

4. Click Unbind next to the name of the product whose license you want to release.

5. (Optional) Click Remove to remove the device from the list of devices.

Typically you remove the device from the account if you do not want to use the application anymore on that device and plan to use it on a different computer.

Note: Removing a device includes unbinding the license on that device.

Important: An Annual Plan or a Perpetual License is converted into a trial version. But if the license is not bound by two other devices, it is automatically reused as a full version on the device where you recently released the license and it is potentially blocked for other computers.

Note: Unbinding a license or removing a device does not uninstall the software from the device. It remains as a trial version.

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