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ARES Trinity Trial - How to

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How to start a free 30-day trial for ARES Commander + ARES Touch + ARES Kudo

Please note that the free trial is the same and simultaneous for all three solutions that form the ARES Trinity of CAD software: ARES Commander, ARES Touch, and ARES Kudo. To activate the trial you will be invited to create a Graebert Account that you can use for free to authenticate yourself on all three solutions. You can either do this by :

  1. Downloading ARES Commander, after installing it on your computer you can start the Trinity trial from the licensing wizard shown on startup

  2. Visiting the login page of ARES Kudo, and selecting to Sign up.

  3. Visiting Graebert's customer portal, and selecting to Sign up.

If you already have created a Graebert Account before, you can use it to log in to the Customer Portal. Each non-subscriber is granted a free 2 days trial, extended to 30-days on registration in the Customer Portal. Trials are limited to no more than one a year.

What is included

ARES Commander runs on Windows, macOS and Linux computers. Your Graebert Account will enable you to work from multiple computers. After the free trial, you can keep using ARES Commander for viewing but all the editing features will be disabled, unless you buy a valid license.


ARES Kudo runs inside of Web browsers, and so you access it free through After the free trial, you can keep using ARES Kudo for online viewing but all the editing features will be disabled, unless you buy a valid subscription for ARES Commander or ARES Kudo.


ARES Touch runs on tablets and smartphones. You can download it from Google Play and the Apple AppStore. After install you can use the viewing and some annotation features for free. But you cannot activate a full-featured trial of ARES Touch from these stores. To try all the editing features of ARES Touch you need to activate a free trial with one of the methods specified above and authenticate yourself after with your Graebert Account inside ARES Touch. Visit our page for more details and direct links. After the free trial, ARES Touch will keep offering the free features but all the editing features will be disabled unless you subscribe from the App stores or buy ARES Commander.

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