Version: 21.2.0 (1411)
Release date: October 27th, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Selection: You can now easily turn on and turn off lasso selection from the menu 'Select'. The main selection tracker now shows a window filled frame.

  • Files and Folders: You can now create new folders for local documents and clouds.

  • Commenting & Markups: You can now execute commenting and markup commands below the menu 'Comments and Markups'.

  • Drafting settings: You can now customize the pointer cue by size and color.


  • Grips: Grip editing does not work (Unrecognized command SNAPGRIP. Press F1 for help.) (R-6411)

  • CHAMFER: You cannot select the second line. Command just stops (R-3519)

  • New: Dialog disappears on tapping outside of dialog. (R-3570)

  • PICTURENOTE: Time stamp is not shown in specific drawing. (R-6270)

  • FREESKETCH: Broken work-flow if you tap over the GA when the internal color palette appears. (R-6279)

  • GETAREA: The preview of the traced area in the loupe is not correct. (R-6288)

  • GETANGLE: The first linear segment is not highlighted when selected. (R-6373)

  • UI: The 'All' option is disabled in the right side menu in 'Free mode'. (R-6444)

  • UI: The selection contextual menu is not scrolled to the top after executing 'Select' -> 'All'. (R-6455)

Version: 21.1.1 (1331)
Release date: September 21st, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • SAVEAS: The command does not ask where to save the read only drawing if you cancel the saving process the first time. (R-4753)

  • SAVE: The command does not ask the second time where to save (Cloud or Local) the drawing when the first time saving to local is canceled. (R-4914)

  • Graphics: Grip points are missing on cloud entities created with ARES Commander 2022 SP0 or later. (R-6260)

  • BOX: 'Unlink account' may freeze the app. Unnecessary 'Unlink account' option removed from BOX folders. (R-6323)

  • LAYER: The command -LAYER crashes after selecting '? to list' option. (R-6344)

  • Selection: 'Select all' from the right side menu results in a wrong ribbon state. (R-6383)

  • ARES Kudo: Cannot show the file browser start page if the user session is expired. (R-6384)

Version: 21.1.0 (1327)
Release date: August 12th, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Fonts: Vertical fonts optimized.

  • TOLERANCE: The layout of the tolerance dialog has been optimized.

  • Stability: The app will now consume less memory for certain drawings.

  • Local files: Local files are now stored in a new local folder "Documents". This folder will be removed when you uninstall the app.

  • Updates: You will now see a notification inside the app when a new update ( after 21.1.0 ) is available.


  • Performance: Application hangs up on copying entire entities in specific drawing. (R-5387)

  • Properties: Can not open 'Color' palette again after closing it once. (R-5703)

  • Graphics: Surfaces of 3D entities are not visible distinctly in the sheet. (R-5786)

  • Graphics: Viewport border does not match border grip points after editing one of the border grip points. (R-6244)

  • PICTURENOTE: The time stamp follows the current layer active color and differs from the picture note block. (R-6046)

  • SHADEVIEW: Command returns an additional unexpected message/action in 'Sheet' when model mode is not active. (R-6052)

  • HATCH: The radio button ‘pattern start point’ group, initially no radio button is selected. (R-6113)

  • HATCH: The first selection of ‘User-defined location’ radio button does not enable radio sub group. (R-6114)

  • HATCH: The tab widget style does not fit well in dark style. (R-6235)

  • SPLINE: The spline segment disappears when it asks for tangencies input. (R-6178)

  • COPY: Crash on switching between applications during COPY command with specific drawing. (R-6193)

  • GENERALSETTINGS: Selecting 'Black' color is not reflected in 'Preview' for the first time. (R-6243)

  • ARES Kudo Drive: Offline: Can not open 'Missing' tagged file from ARES Kudo Drive. (R-6048)

  • UI: Wrong right side menu toolset after cancel grip editing. (R-6172)

  • System: Save to local is not available in the free version. (R-6236)

Version: 21.0.1 (1264)
Release date: June 16th, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Clouds: Always open locally cached drawings and ignore the modified version of the same drawing available on the cloud. (R-3162)

  • LEADER: Returns unexpected message when we complete the command without text. (R-4716)

  • INSERTBLOCK: While inserting block, dynamic preview of block is always shown on default scale and not on specified scale. (R-5258)

  • HATCH: Radio button 'pattern start point' group, initially no radio button is selected. (R-6113)

  • HATCH: First selection of 'User-defined location' radio button does not enable radio sub group. (R-6114)

  • HATCH: Wrong sub-option is selected by-default after selecting 'User-defined location' option. (R-6138)

  • FIND: Drawing disappears when zooming to a simple note in XREF. (R-6161)

  • UI: Settings dialog in browser shows cut lower parts of strings.(R-6126)

  • Graphics: Graphics area flickers badly on pan/zoom after 'REBUILD' command. (R-6169)

  • ARES Kudo: Crash opening view-only-link custom date dialog with preset date > year 2099. (R-6125)

Version: 21.0.0 (1232)
Release date: April 29th, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Sign-in: You will now sign-in to ARES Touch from our official website. Sign-out procedure remains the same.

  • PICTURENOTE and VOICENOTE: You can now include date and time to the symbol.

  • Capabilities have been enabled to open a drawing from ARES Kudo inside ARES Touch.


  • Graphics: Isometric views do not work if viewport is not in MODELMODE. (RADON-323)

  • Graphics: ARES Touch cannot display certain drawings. (R-1585)

  • Graphics: Various images are not shown correctly in the drawing. (R-2265)

  • Graphics: Xref BMP and TIFF image are not loaded in drawing. (R-5898)

  • Graphics: Image is not clipped as per clipped image frame. (R-5899)

  • Graphics: Specific xref image disappears on zooming. (R-6039)

  • PDFEXPORT: It is not possible to rename the PDF if the same name PDF already exists and overwrite the existing PDF. (R-3263)

  • FIND: The 'Find' button is disabled next time until the text in 'Find what' input field. (R-5894)

  • UI: PictureNote/Insert Image: Image size dialog box is closed if we tap outside the dialog box. (R-3825)

  • UI: The Keyboard should appear when the focus jumps to the next coordinate field in the user input bar. (R-6018)

  • System: Can not open drawing from email-attachment if ARES Touch file browser is running. (R-5895)

  • System: Crash on closing the drawing that was opened via email-attachment. (R-5896)

  • System: The user interface language is mixed on changing the device language. (R-5980)

  • System: PictureNote/InsertImage: Command terminates without permission to access external storage. (R-6051)

  • DropBox: There is no warning when overwriting the existing drawing (UPPER Case). (R-5965)

  • File browser: Crash on re-opening the file from the cloud followed by cancel to open first time in 'Read-Only'. (R-6040)

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