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Flex License Permission Key Expiry

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For Users with FLEX License, just like for the Perpetual licenses, the included subscription/maintenance needs to be renewed every year. After one year (from the date of purchase), you will be free to renew or not the subscription. If you don‘t renew the subscription, you can continue to use the ARES Commander version available at the time of the expiry, but would lose access to most of the features of ARES Touch and ARES Kudo.

Should you decide to at a later date to renew, you can do so by buying an upgrade.

Should you decide not to renew your subscription, the FLEX permission key we provide to clients expires by default after 10 years.

In principle, we do not recommend that users keep their licenses for so long without update, as it tends to mean that the products on which they run are likely to no longer being supported by the developer. In case the 10 years are over and the Flex license still works in the current configuration then we guarantee an additional update permission for the next 10 years. Should you decide to take this route, once you reach the 10 years, please contact the Graebert Sales Team ([email protected]) and a new License will be provided.

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