Build No. 2020.3.1.4058 (SP3) - Release 04/11/2020


  1. Printing Functionality added for PRINTSTAMP fields for PDF built-in printer.(DESKTOP-43588)
  2. ISO/ANSI/ARCH Full Bleed Paper sizes are added for PDF build-in printer.(DESKTOP-75962)
  3. BATCHPRINT command option added to select whether Model tabs only, Sheets only, or both are included for printing.(DESKTOP-88403)
  4. The PDF file size creation on built-in printer PDF printer improved.(DESKTOP-96086;DESKTOP-85513)
  5. Entity snapping of scaled block objects improved.(DESKTOP-91007)
  6. The display of OLE of specific objects improved.(DESKTOP-93602)
  7. Drawing performance on cursor movements over spline objects improved.(DESKTOP-88060)
  8. The user interface handling for specific custom menu files improved.(DESKTOP-97437)
  9. PAN command issue fixed. The pan icon remained in the graphical area, while using the mouse middle button.(DESKTOP-96401)
  10. The scaling issue of annotative block references fixed.(DESKTOP-92254)
  11. The performance of TRIM and EXTEND commands improved for hatches.(DESKTOP-91583;DESKTOP-95415)
  12. PROPERTYPAINTER command functionality improved for dimension styles.(DESKTOP-96134)
  13. LISP entget-function improvements done for OLE objects.(DESKTOP-96522)
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