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Kudo release notes 1.123

Find out the latest updates and features we’ve released with version 1.123.

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New functionality

ARES Kudo Drive:

  1. ARES Kudo Drive provides an opportunity for the users to explore ARES Kudo using sample files provided in the drive without integrating any other cloud drives.

  2. Similar to other drives, users can upload, edit, create a new drawing. Also, you can create new folders.

  3. This drive allows users to share files with other users.

  4. There are two sharing options available: View-only link sharing and email sharing

  5. Users can create a view-only link and share it with other users. They can now view the drawing and communicate with the owner through commenting and markups (Users should be logged in to Kudo)

  6. Users can share the drawing through email sharing with the Owner, Editor, or Viewer rights, to other collaborators. A file can have only a single owner.

  7. Users can rename, move, clone, and delete their files. They can also control email notification subscriptions for their drawings.

  8. Deleted drawings are available under the "Trash" folder and can be restored or can be deleted permanently.

  9. Deleted files get automatically removed from the Trash folder after 30 days. We persist versions for the last 30 days

Sample files

  1. New users will get pre-existing sample files in ARES Kudo Drive.

  2. They can use these files to explore Kudo

  3. The sample files will be counted in the storage quota of the users.

  4. Sample files are present under a separate folder so that it does not disturb in user work

  5. Users can delete their sample files

Storage quota

  1. Every user is provided a certain storage quota for their ARES Kudo Drive storage.

  2. Users can track their storage quota under the storage account name

  3. There exists a bar which indicates the amount of storage being used

  4. The color of the bar changes depending on the usage.

  5. Deleted files remain part of the storage quota until the files are permanently deleted.

  6. Even after storage gets completely filled up, users can still edit their existing files and save them.

  7. We only restrict the addition of new files once the storage quota is completed.

  8. If a user transfers ownership of a file to another user, the file will be reflected in the quota of the new owner only

  9. If a user shares a file with Editor or Viewer rights, the file will not be reflected in the collaborator’s storage quota. It will remain part of the owner's storage quota only.

Manage Versions

  1. ARES Kudo allows the user to manage the versions of the drawing

  2. Easy to search versions history by dates

  3. Allow saving a new file

  4. Ability to upload a new version

  5. Ability to download the version

  6. Ability to promote the old version as a new version

New storage support - HANCOM

  1. Hancom is the market leader in South Korea for office suite software, both on desktop and in the cloud. You can create, edit, share the drawings using HANCOM storage,

Open in ARES Commander

  1. Using "Open in ARES Commander" it's easy to open any drawing from ARES Kudo to Desktop (ARES Commander)

  2. We have noticed a few users like to work either in the browser or on the desktop as per their convenience. Previously, it was a time-consuming process to switch between two applications.

  3. Now using "Open in ARES Commander" you can quickly open the same drawing on a desktop application.

  4. The command can be accessed from multiple locations

OPEN DRAWING from an email notification

  1. OPEN DRAWING: New email notification gives the flexibility to the users to open the drawing on any available device like Desktop or continue with browser

  1. New advanced search, you can search the file across all storages


  1. The path is displayed incorrectly for the My Drive folder in Google Drive

  2. No email notification arrives for drawing in Google Drive

  3. An unexpected json error is thrown when searching any specific file

  4. Performance issue on 100% CPU usage

  5. Bold and Italic settings not applied to Korean characters

  6. An extra dot (.) is present at the end of the cloned folder name

  7. Linetype is not rendered correctly on Pline arc segments

  8. *ImportDGN* Previously processed dgn files also get processed when some other dgn is selected during batch processing

  9. *ImportDGN* Changing units of one DGN file changes unit of other highlighted DGN files under batch processing

  10. Google Drive: An error occurs when trying to download a folder from the team drive

  11. A folder is not getting downloaded for batch processing in ImportDGN dialog in Staging for external storages

  12. Preview of different cloud style is broken in Cloud Settings dialog

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