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Kudo release notes 1.127

Find out the latest updates and features we’ve released with version 1.127.

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New Functionality

  1. About command: Third-party dependencies are defined in the "About" command. About command is available in the help menu.

  2. "Manage versions" UI improvements

  3. "Open in ARES commander" UI improvements


  1. *Manage Versions* dialog size changes when trying to download a version

  2. *Manage Versions* version dialog also closes when closing the Save version dialog

  3. The time is not updated in the recent files after making changes in Commander for OneDrive

  4. When you open manage versions from the search page, an empty space will appear under versions

  5. Extra 'root' is shown in the folder path when accessing the drawing of SharePoint and OneDrive storages

  6. Xrefs are not loaded for SharePoint storage

  7. Unable to change drawing filters in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

  8. The permissions dialog keeps opening after it is closed in Dropbox storage.

  9. The error appears when you try to download the drawing version

  10. The focus of Enter is not on Create button inside the drawing creation dialog

  11. Blackline fluctuates while closing any dialog in Fluorine

  12. Commenting function is not working in the view-only link

  13. Commenting: Last added reply to a comment thread is shown on top of replies

  14. The project name is displayed twice in the path for Trimble Connect storage

  15. EXPORTDXF Command gives an error

  16. Google Drive/OneDrive/ODB: Remove the "this folder has view-only access" label from the "Shared with me" folder

  17. *ImportDGN* Start button under batch processing should not be activated until the destination folder is selected and a dgn file is selected

  18. String for 'Source' button in batch processing section of ImportDGN dialog for the Polish language overflows the button

  19. Comment notification does not arrive from Kudo to Commander in Hancom storage

  20. Simplenote creates an extra copy of text when exit

  21. Drawings attached as Xrefs are not loaded for Trimble Connect storage

  22. Missing ellipsis in the permission dialog title

  23. Error is thrown when creating any drawing in the library level of a site in SharePoint

  24. A broken contextual menu is shown on multiple selections of versions

  25. SpellCheck: Extra click is needed after turning the ON/OFF SpellCheck option

  26. ExportSVG: Error is thrown while exporting SVG file in Dropbox storage

  27. Promote button is enabled for the latest version in the drawings of SharePoint storage

  28. The header slides up when you click on the storage icons

  29. The second collaborator does not get listed while sharing in SharePoint storage

  30. The search box is miss placed in the header

  31. ARES Commander: When you rename files in OneDrive for Business storage connection is lost

  32. The "Attach" button doesn't work in the attach dialog for Xref

  33. Error is thrown while executing ExportSTL command

  34. Unable to discard the selection highlight from tables

  35. Xenon crashes when toggling CCS icon control in the properties panel

  36. The arrow button for sorting files on the File page is misplaced

  37. The orientation of the message for permission dialog of Box storage for Free account is broken

  38. Version control dialog size is broken

  39. Commenting error is thrown on accessing any drawing of Shared drive

  40. File filters not working for ARES Kudo Drive

  41. Misplaced username fluctuates while logging out when a drawing is opened in MacOS

  42. Missing border in rename UI

  43. The file name is cropped

  44. The password strength indicator is misaligned

  45. A password text box for entering the password of the protected view-only link is broken

  46. Distorted and dull graphics.

  47. When I save new changes in Commander for OneDrive for Business the connection to the storage is lost

  48. Xref: Contextual menu is missing from the reference file name

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