Kudo release notes 1.129

Find out the latest updates and features we’ve released with version 1.129.

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New Functionality

  1. EXPORT Feature: The export command is enhanced to support EXPORTSVG

  2. Find and Replace (Find): Using the "Find" command, you can find and replace Text. Find dialog allows the user to define "Find What", "Replace with" options. Using Search in, the user can specify where to find the Text like on the Active Sheet/Area or in the Entire drawing


  1. The blank page opens on clicking on the Save button on the My Company page

  2. Editing session is not opened in ARES Commander when clicked on 'Open in ARES Commander' in Trimble Connect drawing

  3. The file is not removed from the Trash file list when restoring any drawing

  4. File switches to View only mode on saving drawing opened from the shared drive in Google Drive

  5. Project server location is shown as blank on accessing Trimble Connect storage to Kudo

  6. Clicking on the storage icon on the storage page does not scroll to the correct position

  7. The name of the drawing is not shown on the permission dialog header when loading

  8. UI does not adjust on closing Trial bar

  9. The password function is activated and deactivated when you click anywhere in the stripe

  10. Error is thrown while promoting an old version in the Manage Version dialog of Onshape and Dropbox storage

  11. The name of the modifier is not shown in the manage version dialog of Dropbox storage

  12. Unable to select an option from the suggestion dropdown of Help in a single click

  13. The delete button is not getting activated inside the Manage Version dialog of drawings of SharePoint

  14. Error is thrown when collaborator tries to downgrade his editing rights to viewing right: ARES Kudo Drive

  15. Changing Entity color Settings to an RGB color Leads to an Error Message and Saving of the Drawing

  16. The pagination loading line is shown at the end of the browse dialog

  17. Xrefs are not getting loaded for drawings located inside a folder level in Hancom, Kudo Drive, and WebDAV storage

  18. Error is thrown when opening cloned files for the first time in Sharepoint storage

  19. Attach button in the 'Attach image' dialog of Xref is not getting activated when selecting any SVG file

  20. SharePoint: An error displays when you saving versions as a new file in other libraries

  21. Error is thrown on accessing Manage Version in SabreDAV WebDAV

  22. *ImportDGN* Conversion units dropdown for processed DGN files should open in double click

  23. The wrong folder path is shown when the location of a drawing of some other folder is accessed

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