Cloud Storage - Maintenance or Trial Expiry

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One question frequently asked, it's what happens to/with the access to Cloud Storage by the end of Maintenance or Trial period.

In order to answer this question, we need to start with the point that

1- ARES Commander has the Cloud Storage palette to access Cloud Storage content, but

2- the Storage Cloud entitlement is associated with ARES Kudo.

On what concerns ARES Commander, in a scenario of subscription expiry (e.g. Commander Perpetual+Trinity) as mentioned in our product page/online shop, there is loss of access to Cloud Storage features. When the user tries to access the data in ARES Commander, he will see

For Kudo only Licenses, on the expiry of the subscription, the user will maintain some functionality available for a while: If/when login to ARES Kudo, the user will see the message below

This is in order to allow the user "a late renewal". The user will receive a reminder about the expiry and warning about cancellation of service/deletion of data.

The main point is that the Cloud storage palette requires a valid ARES Kudo subscription.

This is true in the following scenario:

  • If the user has a non-expired trial

  • If the user purchased ARES Commander with Trinity and the subscription is not expired

  • If the user has a network license + ARES Kudo subscription and he would log in with his Graebert Account

This is Not true if

  • the user has ARES Commander Perpetual Standalone (without Trinity) even if the Maintenance is not expired.

  • Also not true if the user has an expired license or subscription.

  • Users working with incognito activation cannot also use the cloud storage palette, simply because a Graebert Account (or SSO for some Enterprise users) is needed to authenticate each user.

In ARES Touch and ARES Kudo the situation is a bit different because when the user has an expired subscription there is a free mode. The user can keep using ARES Kudo (only online) for viewing purposes and access the drawings in his cloud storage services but all the view-only links are disabled (they will be reactivated if the user gets a new subscription).

To conclude:

  • Files in third-party cloud storages as you would expect are not deleted when user has no subscription.

  • For ARES Kudo Drive they may be deleted after some time and after reminders are sent to the user, but only if the user is not returning to ARES Kudo.

  • Files in ARES Kudo Drive will be kept for a while (without immediate renewal of subscription) on the condition that the user is frequently connecting to

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