Kudo release notes 1.131

Find out the latest updates and features we’ve released with version 1.131.

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New Functionality

  1. Open in ARES Touch

    1. We keep making our Trinity workflow more user-friendly. A few releases back we have released Open in ARES Commander and now we have enhanced it to support the Touch devices as well. Using "Open in ARES Touch" it's easy to open any drawing from ARES Kudo to ARES Touch

    2. We have noticed a few users like to work either in the browser or on the Touch devices as per their convenience. Previously, it was a time-consuming process to switch between two applications.

    3. Now using "Open in ARES Touch" you can quickly open the same drawing on Touch devices

    4. The command can be accessed from multiple locations


  1. Folder upload in Firefox results in file names including paths

  2. Xrefs are not getting loaded for drawings located inside a folder level in Hancom and WebDAV storage

  3. Comment notifications do not arrive at the view-only link if the user has editing access to the drawing

  4. View-only links are not working for any external storage

  5. Drawing save time does not update when the save is done for drawing opened through sharing the link

  6. The header of the editing session opened by the view-only link shows 'view-only with the drawing name

  7. An unnecessary extraversion is created for Onshape drawing

  8. Thumbnails and version numbers are misaligned in the manage version dialog

  9. Unable to open certain files/folders of OneDrive from the Search page

  10. Error is thrown when opening the drawing from Recent Files which was opened through email notifications

  11. Xrefs are not loaded for WebDAV storage

  12. Email notifications are not working for external storages

  13. Xrefs are not loaded for SharePoint storage

  14. Deleted files folder is visible for WebDAV and opening it throws an error

  15. Comments created by the editor are not available when the drawing is opened using the view-only link and having viewer rights

  16. No comment notification arrives for the reply in a thread created by the view-only link user

  17. Unable to open the latest version after promoting an old version when the drawing is opened

  18. Comment notification does not arrive when the drawing is opened using a view-only link by the owner of the drawing

  19. The permission button is missing from the header when an editing session is opened through sharing links

  20. Closing the view-only link deletion dialog box closes the permission dialog box

  21. View-only link text box is shown blank for few seconds every time the view-only link tab in the permission dialog is accessed

  22. The password text box of view only link gets filled with blue color when selecting password from the saved password list

  23. Pagination is not working correctly

  24. Files are getting created in OneDrive Business storage when created on the root folder of SharePoint storage

  25. 'My Drive' folder does not get activated in the Move dialog of OneDrive for Business storage

  26. 'Open in ARES Commander' does not works for drawings opened from Box native app

  27. Manage Versions: An error occurs when saving a version to the storage if a drawing with the same name exists in Ares Kudo Drive and Dropbox

  28. Google drive: Need to prohibit moving files and folders to the folder shared by the company

  29. Hatch is not reflected in different view tiles

  30. Shift+F8 to turn ortho On/Off while running a command is not working properly

  31. Pictures are shown in a bigger size for resolved/deleted/reopen events in picture recording email notifications

  32. New file creation during SaveAs is slow in Trimble Connect

  33. Shared files are not visible in OneDrive if shared again after revoking its access

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