Kudo release notes 1.133

Find out the latest updates and features we’ve released with version 1.133.

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New Functionality

  1. UI (Alignment of Text and buttons) improvements of permission dialog.

  2. UI improvements for picture recording email notification

  3. Improvements in View only Link sharing: Previously a view-only was not allowed to respect the sharing rights of collaborators. It was always opening in View Only mode. Now it works according to the sharing rights of collaborators. If a collaborator has editing rights, it opens a drawing with editing rights. If the collaborator does not have editing rights, then it opens a drawing with viewer rights only


  1. Unable to open drawings from the Box app

  2. File session is deleted while working on drawing of ARES Kudo Drive

  3. Xrefs are not loaded in a drawing opened by a shared link

  4. Session stuck and message says the file is already opened

  5. Change notifications does not arrive for drawings opened through view-only links for shared drives in Google Drive

  6. The sharing link opens in edit mode for a user with an expired license

  7. Notifications about new comments are not displayed in the header when the drawing is opened using a view-only link

  8. Email notifications from SharePoint storage are inconsistent

  9. Clone feature is missing from the contextual menu of drawings for Box and SharePoint storage

  10. Unable to open drawings from email notifications for external storages

  11. Unable to view and copy expired view-only links

  12. Changes in the thumbnail are not reflected without reloading when a drawing is closed without saving

  13. Unable to invoke ARES Commander via Open in ARES Commander in Safari on macOS

  14. Drawings of ARES Kudo Drive is not opening in ARES Touch via 'Open in ARES Touch'

  15. Users are exposed from default organization as suggestions inside permission dialog for a non-organization user

  16. Drawings are getting saved on clicking on the comment button on the header to check the notifications

  17. Unable to open drawings in Onshape storage

  18. 'Open in ARES Commander' button is missing for drawings opened by sharing link having viewer rights

  19. Zooming and Panning stopped after switching the Shademode - No focus on GA

  20. Dimension palette icon is not discarded even after discarding the dimension selection

  21. FIND: Text preview is broken in the editor when finding them

  22. Keyboard focus does not start from mouse focus in the auto-completion list

  23. The command is not auto-completed when scrolling through the auto-suggestion list using the keyboard key

  24. Active modes status does not updates inside the '-AUTCOMPLETEOPTIONS' command if autosuggestion is turned off from the contextual menu of autocomplete list

  25. The sheet manager is staying open even when other dialogs are opening and caused conflicts

  26. Autosuggestion in the command line is shown in white color in Firefox and Edge browsers

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