Kudo release notes 1.135
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New Functionality

  1. keyboard up/down keys can now be used for navigation in file list and contextual menu


  1. When saving files in Commander, the file is saved in Google Drive storage instead of WebDAV storage

  2. Xrefs are not working correctly for drawings created inside the folder of the 'Shared with me' drive

  3. Strings in labels are not visible in email notifications in the Windows Mail app

  4. Deleted shared with your files and folders are displayed in the Trash of Google Drive

  5. Email is retained in the email text box of permission dialog after sharing the drawing

  6. Improve the string for filter button under manage version dialog

  7. Clipboard copy and Paste from one Tab to another is not working under Onshape Kudo

  8. Unable to share the file in shared drive in Google Drive storage

  9. Xref is not loaded for drawing of GDrive when Xref is attached from inside a folder in the 'Shared with me' drive

  10. Xrefs are not loaded in OneDrive Business storage

  11. Xrefs are not loaded for drawings in shared drive in Google drive storage

  12. Unable to open the latest version of the drawing in edit mode after opening another version of the drawing

  13. Error is shown on executing clone in OneDrive storage

  14. Application crashes when editing a print style in the layer dialog

  15. Hatch is missing from block preview while inserting a block

  16. The permission button is not visible for the project in Trimble Connect storage

  17. Permission dialog is available for files inside the Trash folder

  18. The number of new comments is displayed in the header of the user who creates them

  19. ARES Kudo Drive access cannot be controlled from the Company page

  20. The last folder location is not opened after opening the Trash folder inside a folder

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