ARES Mechanical 2022 SP2

ARES, Mechanical, 2022 SP2, Service Pack 2, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
Updated over a week ago

Build No. (SP2) - Release 13/09/2021

New Enhancements:

Parts List support – Insert (AM_PARTLIST command) and Edit (AM_PARTLISTEDIT command) Parts lists

  • Create a Parts List based on BOM

  • Edit existing Parts List

  • Edit and override info on Parts List (edit cell values)

  • Add and remove columns from Parts List

  • Layout Settings

Balloons - AM_INSERTBALLOON command

  • Supported options in the command: Collect and Set bom

Frame/Title block - AM_FRAME and AM_NEW commands

  • Save settings for new frame

  • Support custom scale list on Frame dialog

  • Add JIS Frame and Titleblock

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