Kudo release notes 1.141
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New Functionality

  1. DrawingBounds: Use the DrawingBounds command to define the extent of the grid display and restrict the graphics area. Drawing bounds can be helpful for printing and plotting. If you set your graphics area so that it scales directly to the standard drawing Sheet, you need only specify printing by drawing boundaries to produce a plot of your full drawing, regardless of the current display in the drawing window.

  2. Attach DGN: In the Xref command, along with drawing, image, PDF, now you can attach DGN files as an external reference.

  3. Import PDF: Use the ImportPDF command to insert content from Adobe® PDF files as Blocks into your drawings. You can insert all or selected pages from multiple-page PDF documents. If the PDF file contains vectors, they are converted to drawing entities such as lines, circles, ellipses, and splines. Text lines are converted to text entities using the same fonts

  4. UI improvements in Save As dialog


  1. The erased files are returned to the Trash folder after the page is refreshed in the ARES Kudo drive storage

  2. Performing various actions leads to the error "Too many requests"

  3. The drawing being created is not shown on the top of the file list

  4. The progress bar is missing while uploading a version for any drawing

  5. Not possible to obtain an editing session for a drawing in Commander if the drawing is already open in Kudo for Trimble Connect

  6. The searched string is not highlighted on the results on the Search page

  7. Unable to clone a folder with viewer rights inbox storage

  8. Error is thrown on promoting version for Dropbox storage

  9. Last storage gets hidden under the footer and is not clearly visible

  10. The names of the drawings are duplicated during cloning

  11. The loading error appears when creating a drawing with a specific custom template

  12. Delete option is not available in the contextual menu on the search page

  13. The notification message is not shown on canceling the uploading of files

  14. Email is retained in the email text box of permission dialog after sharing the drawing

  15. Extra options are present in the contextual menu for drawings shared with viewer rights in ARES Kudo Drive

  16. Unable to play the voice recording after pausing it

  17. The new version of the drawing is at the end of the list

  18. Wrong spelling indication when punctuation marks added in note editor

  19. Hatch inside the blocks have displaced the location

  20. The folder button disappears when logged in with Trimble Connect as the active storage

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