Kudo release notes 1.145
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New Functionality

  1. Drawing Compare command to visually compare two drawings and identify changes.

    1. The comparison result is displayed in the current drawing using different colors.

    2. Optionally, you can use clouds to mark entities that are different. Like, Entities that are only in the current drawing (deleted entities), Entities that are only in the comparison drawing (new entities), and Entities that are in both drawings.

    3. At any time, you can export the comparison result as a separate drawing.

  2. Kudo is updated with the new logo of ARES

  3. Sign in with a Google- You can sign in to Kudo using a Google if you have valid Graebert account


  1. Unable to connect Trimble Connect storage

  2. Unable to open Kudo SSO login page in the Safari browser on Mac OS

  3. Sharing Option: Loading spinner appears two times before generating the sharing link

  4. Set Password button remains active when no character is entered as a password.

  5. Sharing Option: The dialog box goes blank when pressing the ECS button.

  6. Sharing Option: Sharing link and copy icon takes a couple of seconds to appear.

  7. Language in sharing dialog is not changed by changing the language of the Application.

  8. Restore button remains enabled even after deselecting all the files while restoring them in the Trash folder

  9. Unable to save a drawing after fetching editing rights using the 'Get Editor Rights' functionality

  10. The connection to the Trimble Connect and Onshape storage is sometimes lost

  11. Unable to gain editing session from Commander in a single attempt

  12. Storage loading time is increased

  13. A blank page is shown when erasing any email from the email list in the permission dialog

  14. Sharing links are not generated for the shared drawing in Box storage

  15. Both sessions remain in editing mode randomly when fetching editing rights in view-only mode

  16. The permission button is missing from the header of the drawing shared with viewer mode

  17. Drawing does not open in WebDAV storage randomly

  18. The cookie header gets hidden under the Kudo UI and is not visible

  19. Creating a label is not shown for the new drawing being created

  20. Sharing link icon is misplaced in the file tile in grid view on mobile tablets

  21. A broken screen and system crash for a few drawings

  22. Search results are reloaded on opening the permission dialog for any drawing having sharing link enabled

  23. An unnecessary circle is present on the header of the property panel in the Sample link

  24. Thumbnails are not generated for most of the existing drawings of WebDAV storage

  25. Unable to resize the widths of columns in the layer dialog

  26. Unable to open the latest version after promoting an old version when the drawing is opened

  27. Unable to attach a SVG file as an Xref

  28. Broken display of 3d shades on every refresh

  29. Get Editor right button is shown even when the editor rights are removed from a user

  30. System variables EXTMIN and EXTMAX are not updated according to drawing content

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