ARES Mechanical 2023 SP0 Release Notes

ARES, Mechanical, 2023 SP0, Service Pack 0, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
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Build No. (SP0) - Release 22/04/2022


  • AM_BOM command - AM_BOM command allows users to create, edit, delete and set the current Bill of Materials.
    On the 2023 SP0 release, the command was improved to support the following features:

    • Support Export/Import BOM CSV file

    • Create a Part reference for a user-defined item from BOM Items List

    • Create a Part List from BOM dialog

    • Create Balloons from BOM Dialog

    • Zoom and Highlight items on BOM

    • Merge row, Split row, Add Column and Add row

  • BOM Settings - On current release, BOM Settings allow users to configure the properties for Part Reference, and on the next releases it will be expanded to set the properties on Bill of Material, Parts List and Balloons. Dialog box can be accessed via the Part Reference command
    The following operations are covered by BOM Settings dialog:

    • Displays the component properties that are visible in the Part Reference dialog box.

    • Synchronizes the component properties list with the available component properties list.

    • Users can select from a list of additional pre-defined component properties to add to the Available component properties list.

    • Add a new component property to the available component properties list, and delete specific component property from the list.

  • Mechanical Standards - We now provide templates for ANSI, BSI, DIN, ISO and JIS standards, which are compatible with AutoCAD Mechanical.

    • Active standard is saved in the drawing and it affects the appearance of mechanical symbols and parts.

    • AM_STANDARDS command can be used to change and display the standard of the current drawing.“No active standard” checkbox was removed.


AM_NEW: Command is rejected if current opened drawing is "mechanical" with unsupported version (e.g. version < 2012) (DESKTOP-133400).

AM_NEW: DWT file type is not filtered under "Template" list, all files under "Template" folder are listed there) (DESKTOP-133399).

BALLONS: Application crashes when select and drag the multiple balloons in the given drawing (DESKTOP-130134).

BALLOON: Balloon is distorted (Broken) if Undo after reorganizing the balloon (DESKTOP-129979).

BALLOON: Cannot UNDO stretch with grip of balloon arrow (DESKTOP-108083).

BALLOON: Dynamic preview is not updated for balloons which should be removed from GA (DESKTOP-123811).

BALLOON: In Korean, and German, Strings introduced by the project need to be localized in supported languages (DESKTOP-125638).

BLOCK: Geometry breaks when edit a toolbox block in current (custom) coordinate system (DESKTOP-133503).

BOM: BOM is not selected and active on dialog on choosing default, If "Main" BOM was renamed (DESKTOP-126217).

BOM: BOM table shows details even when deleted the BOM If we perform delete BOM after inserting part list (DESKTOP-126220).

BOM: BOM table shows details of erased/exploded/Cut block having part reference (DESKTOP-126207).

BOM: In Polish and German Application, delimiter is different as a result exported data not represented in separate columns (DESKTOP-127955).

BOM: Item is missing from the list in case of specified file (DESKTOP-127228).

BOM: Overlapping texts in PDF exported file (DESKTOP-129797).

BOM: Wrong "Append column" option on right click menu, it has to be "Insert column" like in part list (DESKTOP-132733).

COPYCLIP: Additional Partlist is created on copy-paste (DESKTOP-131438).

CRASH: Application crash when select "Frame" after specify scale (DESKTOP-133406).

CRASH: Application Crash while trying to use any feature from Toolbox in specified drawing (DESKTOP-133506).

FRAME: "Parts list" Frame can not be edited via grips (DESKTOP-123446).

GEOMETRY: ARES Mechanical doesn't display drawing (proxy) geometry in sheet area as ARES Commander does (MDT Legacy drawings) (DESKTOP-131203).

HARDWARE: "<<>><<>>" appears in a list of Size after custom standard is edited (DESKTOP-133386).

HARDWARE: "Description format cannot be empty." This message appears when a hardware "Length" list is edited (DESKTOP-133381).

HARDWARE: Added size of custom standard doesn't appear in a list of Size (DESKTOP-133390).

HARDWARE: Bad result when insert screws using "Specify holes" feature and active is a custom coordinate system (DESKTOP-133415).

HARDWARE: Cannot control "part reference" (add or remove) when edit a toolbox hardware block (DESKTOP-133502).

HARDWARE: Japanese texts are displayed as garbage when .sqlite file is imported (DESKTOP-133488).

HARDWARE: Name of "small hex nuts" in JIS standard in English has a typo (DESKTOP-132857).

HARDWARE: Preview on respective dialogs is not updated when modify object property settings (DESKTOP-130981).

HARDWARE: Some of Standard names are wrong in Japanese (DESKTOP-132985).

HARDWARE: The texts in the last line in Table Editor are displayed as garbage on Japanese OS (DESKTOP-133371).

HARDWARE: When Create a bolt based on a hole than "Insert Part Reference" does not attach Part reference to Ares Mechanical entity (DESKTOP-130597).

HARDWARE: Wrong "toolbox" block rotation in preview when active is a CCS (UCS) (symbols, hardware, hole) (DESKTOP-133410).

HOLECALLOUT: The figure of phi of the hole callout is wrong (DESKTOP-133491).

LAYER: Focus lost (Cursor disappears) from command line after providing input for "Make" option (DESKTOP-130109).

LAYERS: In Settings, Selection highlight of an item in "Entity" tree is broken (DESKTOP-133518).

LAYERS: In settings, "Apply" button activates when do selection on "Entity" tree (DESKTOP-133519).

LAYERS: In Settings, "Line color" dialog has no selection under "New color" line edit (DESKTOP-130861).

LAYERS: In Settings, "Line color" dialog opens with wrong tab when an RGB color was assigned to an entity (DESKTOP-130865).

LAYERS: In Settings, Balloon "Text very large" layer is not updated after change it under "Text" category (DESKTOP-133376).

LAYERS: In Settings, Broken functionality related with text support under "layers" (DESKTOP-133384).

LAYERS: Layer activation with double click doesn't work if layers are sorted after a column (DESKTOP-133504).

PART REFERENCE: Description of a parts reference isn't changed in Properties palette (DESKTOP-132728).

PART REFERENCE: Not able to input string values for component properties via Properties Palette (DESKTOP-129991).

PART REFERENCE: When rightmost column is selected and then "Append Column" button is clicked, a column is appended to wrong position (DESKTOP-132729).

PARTLIST: "Highlight" option does nothing (DESKTOP-124536).

PARTLIST: "Next" under "Zoom to" doesn't work (DESKTOP-124532).

PARTLIST: Cannot do Pan / Zoom while "Zoom to" or "Highlight" are active, due to contextual menu displayed over GA (DESKTOP-124535).

PARTLIST: In Korean, "? to list" option is not available via "Qinput (Dynamic Input)" (DESKTOP-126200).

PARTLIST: Odd items show up in part list after create group filter and activate it (DESKTOP-133522).

PARTLIST: Split row select option will select only one part reference while merged row have multiple part references (DESKTOP-125271).

PARTLISTEDIT: "Internal Margins" settings are not correctly fetched from "Mechanical drawing" (DESKTOP-130743).

PARTLISTEDIT: Existing sort of the part list is not reflected when edit part list if sorting was done after 2 or 3 keys (DESKTOP-126277).

PARTLISTEDIT: Part list is not updated after apply sorting on dialog (DESKTOP-133521).

PHATCH: Change the prompts for AM_PATCH command (DESKTOP-133392).

REVISIONTABLE: Revision dialog doesn't appear when Enter key is pressed for AM_REVISIONTABLE command on Japanese ARES Mehcanical (DESKTOP-132730).

SAVE: File opened from cloud > "Save" command shows "Save As" dialog to save file locally (DESKTOP-126473).

SCREW CONNECTION: Broken preview functionality in CCS (UCS) (DESKTOP-133409).

SETTINGS: Application hang when start command AM_SETTINGS in large drawing file (DESKTOP-132858).

STYLES: Some dimension styles are missing in "mechanical" templates (DESKTOP-99758).

UI: Incorrect "Mechanical Layer Manager..." and "Layer..." items under "Format" menu (DESKTOP-132757).

UI: Incorrect label for "Mechanical Layers Manager" and "Layergroup Manager", 3 dots are missing in button label (DESKTOP-132758).

UI: UI for Mechanical Annotate need to be localized in all supported language (DESKTOP-127728).

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