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ARES Mechanical 2023 SP1 Release Notes

ARES, Mechanical, 2023 SP1, Service Pack 1, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
Updated over a week ago

Build No. (SP1) - Release 05/07/2022

Below you can find the main fixes and new improvements on ARES Mechanical 2023 SP1:

BOM Settings - feature for Mechanical Drawings and keep compatibility with other applications that support the same format. Users can access this dialog box of BOM Settings via the Part Reference dialog box, BOM dialog box,.

On current release, BOM Settings allow users to configure the properties for Part Reference, Bill of Material, Parts List and the next releases it will be expanded to set the properties on Balloons. Users can access this dialog box of BOM Settings via the Part Reference dialog box.

The following operations are covered by BOM Settings dialog:

  • In the component properties tab, Displays the component properties that are visible in the Part Reference dialog box.

  • Synchronizes the component properties list with the available component properties list.

  • Users can select from a list of additional pre-defined component properties to add to the Available component properties list.

  • Add a new component property to the available component properties list, and delete specific component property from the list.

  • In the BOM tab, Displays the component properties that are visible in the BOM dialog box

  • Sets how BOM items are displayed by default - Expanded or structured with separator

  • In Part list tab, Displays the component properties that are visible in Parts Lists, by default

  • Enables customization of settings applicable to standard-based parts list

Part List:

  • The part List dialog closes with an error on the command line

  • No alerts when a file has missing references

  • "Width" of the column is not respected on editing a parts list

  • Grip frame is not generated when creating part list object

  • Part List shows the wrong tracker when moving it with drag & drop: only a part of it, it is shown in the preview (tracker)


  • Crash when try to insert mechanical drawing in the current drawing


  • Cannot import data if the content is locked but the user can add the item to BOM

  • BOM Table Recognize the BOM Type icon for "Mechanical structure assembly component" and "Xref assembly component"

  • Handling of column width in BOM and PART LIST

  • "Bills Of Materials" dialog title changed to BOM

User Interface:

  • The English page appears when “Update now” for “ARES Mechanical Update Information!” in Japan.

  • Contextual Menu text-color become black under dark background after editing

  • "Centerline" button is missing under the "Mechanical" workspace


  • Wrong "creation method" when editing hardware generated with "exploded" screw connection

  • CLIPBOARDCOPY command throw error and fails with inserted hardware using copied standard


  • Set default Standard to JIS on Japanese OS.


  • Provide a proper conversion of mechanical objects when drawing is SAVED in Ares in a supported mechanical format.

  • Save to cloud should offer "mechanical" versions when saving mechanical drawing to cloud

Part Reference:

  • Part Reference is removed from the original mechanical part if erase all the copied instance

  • Block part reference is not visible after selection


  • In a new viewport in the sheet area the Toolbox block is created in paper space (PSpace) when model space (MSpace) is active

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