Kudo release notes 1.149
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  1. Wrap the lengthy tooltip strings

  2. Cannot create a new file in the root folder in Touch/Commander

  3. Unable to drag and drop template files

  4. The connection to the Trimble Connect and Onshape storage is sometimes lost

  5. Changes get saved when trying to open the latest promoted version while the drawing is opened

  6. A very large icon of ARES Kudo is shown in Internet Explorer along with the unsupported Kudo message

  7. Thumbnails are not generated in email notifications of OneDrive and SharePoint

  8. Unable to save changes in a drawing opened via a sharing link in SharePoint

  9. Box: The version manager being blank after saving changes

  10. Storage getting activated when scrolling the sidebar

  11. Unable to click on the uploaded folder when it is at the top of the list

  12. An error message appears when you cancel the sign-in with the Apple account

  13. The user menu and the login button are not available if the drawing is open on a split-screen

  14. Header: Top Padding changes on switching the browser to display on half screen

  15. Strings in the Drawing Compare panel are not translated to the supported languages

  16. Folder ID Error is thrown when accessing any other storage drawing after accessing shared drawings of Google Drive

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