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2. P2P Measure Walls
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How to measure walls with points.

Step 1: Select the Measure Wall command.

You now first have to measure the room height:

Info: Now measure all the points shown in yellow in the diagram one after the other. As soon as a yellow point has been measured, it turns green.

Step 2: Measure a point on the floor from the tripod.

Step 3: Measure a point on the ceiling from the tripod.

Step 4: If both dots are green, click OK โœ….


Now you can measure walls. Two points are required per wall.

Measure the points as far as possible in the corner but not directly in the corner and always measure the first point on the left and the second point on the right.

Info: It is important that you always measure walls clockwise.


Measure first wall:

Step 5: Measure the 1st point on wall 1.

Step 6: Measure the 2nd point on wall 1.

Step 7: Now you need to define the orientation of the first wall, whether the wall should be created horizontally or vertically.

Step 8: Measure the next two points from the next wall.

Step 9: When you have measured two points from all walls, end the command with "Close wall".

Step 10: Select Wall 1 to close the room.

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