ARES Mechanical 2023 SP3 Release Notes

ARES, Mechanical, 2023 SP3, Service Pack 3, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
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Build No. (SP3) - Release 14/02/2023

Below you can find the main fixes and new improvements on ARES Mechanical 2023 SP3:

  • Nesting Manager:

    • The Nesting Manager plugin works with the multiple part nesting as well as multiple plates. Nesting Manager allows users to set parameters for the nesting such as Part Multiplier, Plate size, and Minimum clearance.

    • Part Multiplier: User can specify the quantity of the parts by clicking on the button, it will allow the user to specify the quantity in the command window, and the updated quantity will populate on the button. If multiple parts are recognised in the drawing, it will be applicable to all the parts.

    • Plate Size: Users can specify the size of the plate with respect to direction in X and Y.

    • Minimum Part Clearance: User can specify the minimum clearance between two parts.

    • Minimum Plate Clearance: User can specify the minimum clearance between two plates.

    • Apply nesting: By clicking on the “Apply Nesting” button, User will have the optimum possible nesting results on the screen.

  • BOM Settings:

    • Dialog does not open at it's last changed location.

    • “Apply” button does not become active on changing settings in "Parts List Settings" Dialog.

    • Balloon tab Settings Changes are preserved even when Cancel the "BOM Settings" Dialog.

    • Balloon tab Settings, It is not possible to undo balloon settings.

    • Partlist shows columns even when they are removed from BOM Settings.

    • In Korean, Shortcuts are not assigned to Buttons: Move UP, Move Down, and Delete.

  • Part List:

    • Part lists and balloons are pasted at a wrong location.

    • Wrong item is created when block definition has a "part reference" and a block part reference was already added to block.

    • Does not remove entry of "part" related with sheet on deletion of sheet.

    • Part list top grips are incorrect positioned when CCS (UCS) is rotated.

    • Does not export data as shown on dialog box.

  • Balloon:

    • Wrong command line output when selecting Part references for inserting balloon.

    • Insert Balloon fails with error when specify start point to create balloon for part reference of External Reference.

    • In manual Option, Not able to create Balloon for Block > Command exit on Clicking OK on "Part Reference" Dialog.

    • In German, Command options are associated with Wrong Keyword.

    • User can not use lisp or script to modify balloons in AMBALLOON_REORG.


    • Use color on locked layer groups does not give correct results after undo-redo previous changes.

  • Import/Export:

    • Wrong characters at DXF output.

    • Unable to import specific STP file.

  • Toolbox:

    • Wrong rotation for toolbox symbols on custom UCS.

    • Part reference is added again and again when run "Preview" after use "Hardware assistant".

  • Hole Table:

    • Hole table incorrect when header orientation is "bottom".

  • Layer:

    • Wrong "Delete layer" on right click menu when selection is "Layer definition".

    • "LineWeight mapping" > Mapping is not applied to existing layers if change second time.

  • Application stability improvements:On this release many areas was improved to avoid unexpected behaviors that lead on close the application, below a summary:

    • Importing specific stp file

    • Bind referenced drawing (XRef) with mechanical objects

    • Activate drawing tab while copy and paste

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