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Reporting SDK Issues
Reporting SDK Issues

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During the development of your plugin, you could face problems such as compiling issues, crashes or unexpected behavior in the plugin functionality.

To allow Graebert team to analyze and verify the problem, please, provide the following information:

[please send an email to [email protected]]


Compiling Issue

  • Compiling error information.

  • If you are porting your app from another CAD platform, send us the function, class, class member, type of data or macro that is missing or causing the compiling issue.

  • A description of the expected result or behavior.

  • A simple example where the compiling error can be reproduced.

Runtime Issue

  1. Information about the functions and classes that cause the issue.

  2. A simple example where the issue can be reproduced. Add to the issue description:

    • A description of what the example does.

    • If it is necessary, attach a DWG that can be used with the example plugin to reproduce the issue.

    • The detailed steps to reproduce the problem using the example. For instance, commands to use, buttons to click in the ribbon, menu, or toolbar, entity to select.

    • Expected behavior and results. Differences between ARES Commander version and required results of your base CAD system.

  3. If the issue is a crash in ARES Commander, attach the generated crash report, too.

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