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LISP Development Resources

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LISP Development Resources

For the development and debugging of LISP customizations, some resources are required:

  • Visual Studio Code (VSCODE)

Cross platform source code editor that supports scripting and traditional programming languages. Download here

  • Graebert LISP Extension [FLISP]


LISP Editor:

Syntax Highlighting

Snippet Completion for LISP & DCL

Smart Brackets

Comment Toggling

AutoComplete for LISP & DCL

Go-To-Definition and Peek Definition


LISP Encryption / Protection

Add & Update Header

Insert Region

Online Help

Load Current LISP File

Create Workspace

LISP Debugger:


Start Debugging


Step Over/In/Out

Variables [show last value]


Call Stack

Debug Console

Break On Error


Download, System Requirements, and Setup information here.

Note: LISP Debugger is only available for the Licensed Product (Not available in Trial version).

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